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Saving an Ice Planet:

Akmar-Imperium Frontier

Latara Colson, chief mechanic of Karis Station, is almost ready to test one of the experiments she’s been tinkering with in her spare time, a shipboard shielding system. The test is moved up when Karis Station receives a planetary distress call.
No regular ships can make it to the surface of a planet spewing ice rocks in its atmosphere. Latara and a pilot must used her experimental shields to reach the planet’s surface and repair a downed weather station before the entire population of the planet freezes to death.
To save all those people, Latara’s tinkering project needs to function perfectly the first time, she needs to overcome her fear of space travel, and she needs to team up with the one person whose presence causes her to act like a bumbling fool, her new boss, Colonel Gena Teyis, commander of Karis Station.




Solar Hawk – Episode 1

Lina Noryst likes trouble. Trouble in the form of the tall, well-muscled female fighter, Kano Thiop. The two women share a forbidden love between classes that should never meet. Lina’s choice is simple. Give her up, or lose everything.

When Kano saves Lina from an attack, she knows Lina will be ostracized and hunted and Lina’s only chance is giving up her privileged position to flee the planet. Now, Kano’s connections may be the only thing keeping the two women alive. Can they escape on a space-bound freighter before they’re discovered?

Death on one side, exile the other. Their only chance is each other.




New Crew

Solar Hawk – Episode 2

Lina Noryst and Kano Thiop escaped death but Lina gave up her privileged position when they ran. The two women find themselves on a Targus-class space yacht hiding under their new identities.

Who are their fellow crew mates? And why does an Elite yacht carrying legitimate cargo need a security chief?

Class structure may no longer be keeping them apart, but are Lina and Kano safe with this crew or did they jump from one bad situation into another?