Learning to Trust -Bk1

Christmas Snow

Learning to Trust – Book 1

She’s a Scrooge at Christmas.

But this year, she just might find a little Christmas spirit.

Stunningly beautiful billionaire and CEO, Andi Winters appreciates the holidays, but they’re not exactly up her alley. She’d rather leave the festivities to everyone else.

This season, she plans to celebrate on the slopes–far from anything Christmasy.

When her flight gets cancelled and she finds herself stuck with no other options, her sweet and sexy employee, Nicole Russo offers her a ride to the ski resort. Nicole is the epitome of Christmas delight– everything Andi isn’t.

But when they get caught in a blizzard, a quaint little Bed and Breakfast just might have all the holiday cheer both women have ever wanted. Will Andi and Nicole find true love and joy under all the Christmas snow?

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Building Love

Learning to Trust – Book 2

Love hurts.

People leave.

Life goes on.

Falling for Nicole Russo was the easiest–and hardest–thing Andi Winters has ever done. Andi doesn’t have faith in lasting love. After all, it’s never lasted for her. No matter how much she loves and trusts Nicole, Andi’s just waiting for the inevitable–she knows their love can’t last.

Determined to make Andi realize that she’s in it for the long haul, Nicole sets out to prove her love and dedication to the one woman who has her heart. But when Nicole’s plan backfires, Andi becomes more mistrustful of true love than ever before, forcing them to struggle to repair what they’ve worked so hard to build. Will Andi and Nicole be able to rebuild a love that nobody can destroy?


Love or Money

Learning to Trust – Book 3

Life is going great for Nicole Russo and her girlfriend, billionaire Andi Winters; although, Nicole has a problem being intimidated by all of Andi’s wealthy and famous friends. And who wouldn’t be intimidated by a world famous actor crashing your dinner party?

But Nicole’s problems really heat up when Andi gets tickets to the big black-tie charity event of the season. Nicole doesn’t want Andi to think she’s a gold digger so Nicole refuses to let Andi buy her gown for the event.

After that, Nicole’s life starts to spin out of control. All over a dress?



Learning to Trust – Book 4

Andi Winters and Nicole Russo have a wonderful life together. Thoughts of marriage pop into their heads. But the proposal can’t be ordinary. It has to be perfect and special just like their love.

Follow Nicole and Andi as they stumble to find the perfect, for them, way to propose.