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I like my reading to be happy and optimistic. Since that’s what I enjoy reading, that’s what I enjoy writing. Once I start writing about characters and get to know them, I think of them as friends. And who doesn’t like to spend more time with good friends?

I’m a member of Phoenix Prime, a group that came together for in-depth workshops to improve writing and story-telling skills. We are continually learning and working our butts off to bring our readers better, more frequent stories.

Did I mention we’re working our butts off?

Contemporary Romance

  • Sweet, feel good read.

  • Idyllic escape to lighten your heart.

  • The drama adds to the romance instead of detracting.

  • Christmas Snow, Book 1 of Learning to Trust, received a lovely review on the site, A Life Among the Pages.

“The fact that they’re lesbians isn’t played up for the sake of being edgy or anything of the sort. They just happen to be lesbians and it’s what I hope to continue finding in books more and more.

Check out the rest of the review here.

Science Fiction

  • Lesbian Main Character.

  • Optimistic Future.



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